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God Will See Us Through It

March 28, 2012

God Will See Us Through It
(A Dedication to Patricia Williams-Perdue & Annie Perdue)
By Shawn Williams

Imagine what we go through
Reflect our memories to remembering
God sustain us to comfort through the pain
Tears falling down like rain
That’s how we got over
The troubles of life weighs down 
Friends turning backs on us
Through the guilt of the past
Through the hurt of the present
Through the trials and tribulations of our own

God also feels our pain…sees our tears…heals our hearts…baptize our souls
God will always see us through it
We come through the fire
We come through the flood
We come through the wind
And we come through the pain
Our past has forgiven
Our present has making sense
Our future has anointed
God will never ever put more on us than we can bear

God will see us through it
Because we souled out
That’s why God favored us
We survived it all
We been through it all
He’s still able
God still feels our pain…sees our tears…
But we’re never ever would have made it without them
Because we’re stronger, wiser, and better than we were before
But there’s nothing too hard from God
The Lord God will always see us through it all


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